Nothing is understood in the NBA without the recognition of the good work done and there are no qualms about improvising prizes. It is what explains the last minute decision of Adam Silver and his team to establish an award for the MVP of this final leg of the season, held in the Orlando NBA bubble, as well as the election of two Ideal Quintets. The battle to get into the playoffs and try to improve the positions of those who already had the ticket has led to memorable matches, not even lackluster due to the lack of public and the demanding health prevention measures in place. Basketball has once again excited and made the world abstract from its problems and that deserves to be recognized. There are several players who have made merits to win the MVP.

Simply amazing the display of power made by the Portland Trail Blazers franchise player who owes him their presence in the play-in. He has not gone below 20 points in any game, he presented scandal percentages, he involved his teammates, he was a vocal leader and in the two most difficult games, against the Sixers and Mavericks, he finished with 51 and 61 points, respectively. He has made plays to remember in this section of the league.

Few could imagine that the Phoenix Suns would dive right into the postseason fight, but a stratospheric performance from the shooting guard has resulted in a win-win for Arizonans. There have only been two games in which he scored less than 35 points, showed total involvement and emerged strongly in the decisive moments to lead his team.

Three triple-doubles, no game below 25 points and actions of immeasurable beauty and effectiveness, have seasoned the appearance of the Slovenian in this final stretch of the season in which his team has maintained the seventh place with which he landed. Quite possibly if he had won the best game of this stage against Portland and won a place in the classification, his name would resonate above all to win the MVP.

The outside player for the Indiana Pacers has emerged as one of the fittest in the bubble and raised his level dramatically to sign records rarely seen throughout his career. Four games above 30 points, with one especially brilliant in which he reached 53, have made him reach a superior status in the league and his name sound like a firm favorite to be in an ideal quintet and can fight for the MVP.

The Houston Rockets compulsive scorer never disappoints and in this bubble he has continued to assume the role of leader of the Houston Rockets. Four games above 30 points, one with 49 points and the other with 45, have become remarkable performances by La Barba, who shows that he is prepared for the great challenge that the playoffs will pose.

He helped cement the Milwaukee Bucks first place in the Eastern Conference with a vibrant game that has been losing some steam. Four games above 30 points and with a double-double, mean that the Greek has maintained his level, but perhaps they leave him far from being the best in this final stretch. It is very likely that he perceived the need to reserve himself for the playoffs once he met the team’s goal.