Dalú turns on Instagram and they call her “mermaid” for this hot photo

Dalu has captivated her fans by showing off her long passion red hair, causing them to name her “Little mermaidAs one of the iconic characters in Disney, in addition to wasting sensuality, and shine on your skin.

The winner of The academy The 2019-2020 generation is not only one of the artists with the best voices in Mexico, but she has also shown that beauty is also one of her gifts.

Since she got out of the running of the academy and had contact with the real world again, the famous one has made her own on social networks, especially on Instagram where she already has more than 300,000 followers.

The redhead shared an image on said social network where she appears in a floral dress, her long hair falling on her shoulders, and a penetrating look with her green eyes that made all her fans fall in love.

As a result of this publication, they began to compare her with the Disney character The Little Mermaid, mainly due to the tone of her hair, and some assure that she should have been selected to star in the live action of said film.

Look at Dalú’s photo

Three months after leaving the Dalú Academy, he went from one confinement to another, because now he has to stay at home, although he has the opportunity to talk with his fans, he also takes advantage of the quarantine to give concerts and present new music.

In fact, a few weeks ago, she celebrated precisely that she became the winner of the TV Azteca reality show last February, and the video of her mini concert has been played thousands of times.

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The singer continues to gain followers by publishing content which is liked by her fandom, in fact, a few weeks ago she published a photograph with a bikini with which the temperature of the social network rose reaching hundreds of likes.