The problems caused by the pandemic of Covid-19 continue to affect the Nfl. The Dallas Cowboys They announced the cancellation of their subscriptions for the 2020 season, although they will hope to have some fans in their stadium.

The Cowboys They informed the owners of the passes to give alternatives on the entrance to the games of the following season, which includes having priority to buy tickets for individual games, as well as on a limited basis.

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Also subscribers who have already paid for their tickets will have the possibility to leave their money as credit to make future purchases or receive a refund, they will also receive an extra year in the terms of their contract for the purchase of tickets and thus offset the year 2020.

According to a statement, the team is working in accordance with state and local government regulations and the Nfl. ‚ÄúSeason ticket holders will have the opportunity to purchase these tickets. It is important to note that tickets for a single game may be in different locations than their normal seats, “the bulletin reads.

Ticket owners will not be required to purchase tickets for the games of the Dallas Cowboys, and this will not harm them and still they will be able to keep their seats with the same location and their benefits from 2021.

The Cowboys will begin their participation in the season on September 13 when they face the Rams in The Angels, while in his stadium, the AT&T Stadium, in Arlington, Texas, it will be on September 20 against the Atlanta Falcons.