Dalia Gutmann: “I am more and more asexual, I hope that one day my libido will return”

Dalia Gutmann presents “I have things to do”

“When I find a way to tell something with a funny song, it relieves my mental insanity,” he says. Dahlia gutmann, that is recognized manic and accelerated. “Whenever I finish doing something I am thinking about what I would have to do next,” confesses the comedian.

In line with that philosophy, and with the need to be specifying some of the items on those endless lists of daily to-dos, Gutmann welcomes Teleshow while getting a manicure. “The activity of holding hands is very beautiful: one goes on chatting, one opens up”, reflects the actress from her home, using a virtual window.

After nine successful seasons with Thing of mines, Dalia returned to the theater with a new show: her one-man show I have things to do can be seen from Thursday to Saturday in the Maipo Theater. “It is a continuity of the previous one,” he explains. It’s that accumulation of things that you don’t really know what it is, but they are lists of things to do ”.

“What would be of us without the lists ?!”

-It is unbearable. I know I’m a little faster than average, I admit it. I already try not to try to change myself because I am like that.

“That speed up, did it get you into trouble with someone at some point?”

-All the time!

“It is also very functional that there is someone like that.”

-Totally. I realized in the couple that I had to stop being like that because, poor Seba (Wainraich), I don’t want to leave him in a bad way … but the other takes advantage of the fact that one is with the head in everything and is going to take care of it. Also, obviously it brings me problems. Not to mention the number of times he tells me: “Lower the VAT on intensity.” It’s something that worries me, I was talking about it with my dad, I can’t stop feeling like I have a lot of things to do.

Dalia Gutmann alone with Teleshow

—There are many musical moments in your shows. How do you get along with the music on stage?

—I always like to sing on stage, but in general, it arises from things that… For example, there is a song that talked about “raising my self-esteem, lowering my self-esteem”, and it was an internal feeling of … self-esteem is going to shit right now and inventing a song so as not to get upset works for me.

“What did you make up songs for for this show?”

“I made a song for my body.” Another, to this endless list of things to do. There is another situation that occurred to me one day when it was raining, one of those days when you are in the car and you don’t get anywhere. I had a meeting, going to find a kid in Berazategui and it’s like your head is going to explode with information. I started with that: “I need a coach … a coach to help me get a coach.” And I made a song.

“Did you find a coach to help you organize?”

-No. Do you know what conclusion I reached when I was very mature? Because I turned 43 this summer … It’s great to do therapy, do a thousand things, everything that does you good, but you don’t have to delegate everything. There are things that one has to assume that he is responsible. I don’t have coaches, I have been doing therapy for a long time, but I also try to take charge of my life, which costs a lot.

“Always with the same analyst?”

—I have been with Graciela since 2003. 18 years: a long time ago. But it does me good. With all the nerves that I am about to release, there are days that I get anguish because in every creative process there is a moment where you say: “What is this shit that I am doing?” Moments where you are super cool and moments where: “Oh, Dalia, where did you go?” The last session I fell asleep. Graciela called me, woke me up, and we started therapy. I started the day crying because I am with a lot of mixed emotions. When I finish therapy, I feel like it’s a privilege. I connect the dots and understand more things, not only about me, but about human ties.

“How difficult human ties in the past year!” And there is still … What do you miss the most?

“Without a doubt, being able to be with people without fear.” And there is something about hugging, especially with my mother: I can’t believe that I can’t hug her the way I want to. All the time I am afraid of holding her too much. It breaks my heart that the world is stopped from doing gross and beautiful things. Everything that has to do with culture has a handbrake because there cannot be many people. Not to mention old people, people at risk. That’s what really worries me.

“How do you feel about the boys going back to school?”

“It was fine the moment he stopped, but not that it was all year.” You can take one, two months to plan and take precautionary measures, but you cannot spend a whole year with the kids in your house locked up. It hurts the head, the body of the kids, everything. I am very anxious. I am sure that it will be a particular year where there will be virtual parties, but I think it is essential that there is a plan and that the children can have the most social life possible. Besides, don’t open a casino for me without opening my school …

“When possible, do you want to get vaccinated?” You will be there?

“I’m going to do whatever it takes.” First, I am very interested in getting the people who need to be vaccinated, and when it is my turn, I will get vaccinated.

-What makes you laugh?

—I am very amused by people who are not aware of other people’s gaze, who indulge in ridicule without thinking: “Oh no! It doesn’t look good, why did I say that? And the one that is already delivered, I love it.

“How do you get along with someone else’s gaze?”

-I do not care much. Aesthetically, I am a little mambeada. I know i’m not Pampita, but every time I have less fear of being seen something. Yes I am very afraid and ashamed of other people’s eyes, things of ignorance. Not being aware of something and that: “Oh, Dalia! How gross! How did you not know that? There it does give me something, but in general, I am quite banking. Ideally, the gaze of others is not more important than the gaze that one has on oneself.

-What makes you cry?

—I am very excited about beautiful things and I love to cry because I feel excited. The other day I was in the car listening to music and I sent a WhatsApp to some friends telling them that I was going back to the theater and Mercedes moran he left me a message of encouragement. I got emotional and started crying. The car is a beautiful place because you cry without judgment, without people wanting to contain you, it is a drained cry. Sometimes I cry because I feel like nothing makes sense. Like every human being who lives life and at times says: “What is all this that is happening?” But then I do things to be okay.

“Cry in couple fights?”

—Just on the weekend, when it was raining and I wanted to fight, crying. The typical … As now that I am with the rehearsals I am little with Seba, the other day there was a cry like: “I’m here and you are watching a movie, and it’s like you’re not …” Every so often, grab. There are days when one is re sensitive and days when the worst can happen and you are cold. There are days when one is more predisposed to crying.

“How sexual are you looking for?”

“Every time worse, more and more asexual.” I hope one day the libido returns. On the show I laugh a little at this. This half maniacal thing about having things to do takes you away from sexual libido. To connect with the sexual, one has to be calm. It has to be … That phrase that sexologists use that I love: “Being in erotic mode.” For a manic mine like me, being in erotic mode is a great job. What I try to do, since I don’t do drugs, is have a glass of wine sometimes.

“And does the erotic mode or the dream mode appear?”

– (Laughter) Everything can appear. The typical thing also happens to me that, when it happens, I say: “Ay boluda, why don’t you do this more often?” But I find it difficult to find the moment and yes, many times the sleep mode appears.

“How did you get rid of libido with quarantine?”

“It was difficult in quarantine with a person you saw all day.” Look, I love him, I appreciate him … But it was difficult. But we have survived. Those of us who do not separate in quarantine have a high chance of not separating for the next few years. Everything was given to separate, it was a no-brainer.

“At what moment does love kill you?”

—It has a lot to do with the bond we have when the four of us are, with my children. There are little things that Seba likes to do with my son or I like to do with my daughter. This summer they are with an organ, they are both taking classes; So, I see them doing a song together and I love it. In situations with my children or when I see him very hooked… Also, Seba is very shrimp. All this summer that I am rehearsing a lot, he is taking a lot of charge of the boys.

– At what point do you say, about yourself: “I’m the best in the world”?

“I love what you just asked because I think it’s beautiful.” There are times when it is good to say: “I am the best in the world.” I am very good, and this leaves me standing as a great friend, encouraging the other to be encouraged to do what they want to do.

—We come from a difficult year: it is a pampering to the soul to be able to see humorous shows and laugh at this moment.

“I defend joy to death.” For more things that happen, the human being needs moments of laughter, of joy, of having a good time.

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