After her convulsive journey in ‘Survivientes 2018’, Dakota Tárraga had been away from the media focus for months. Now, The most famous participant of ‘Big Brother’ has returned to the fore, precisely, due to a matter related to her family.

Dakota Tarraga

According to the Diario Información, Dakota reportedly spent two nights in the cell after being detained at the Alicante Provincial Police Station last weekend on charges of mistreating her mother. Tárraga would have pushed and punched his mother, which would have caused the father to notify the Police, always according to the mentioned medium. They indicate that she was released without charge, as her mother did not file a complaint against her.

Dakota has sharply responded to the allegations through an Instagram story. « I am sick of being lied to on my account. You speak without knowing. I want to see the complaint.

« I will not allow it »

Later, Tárraga has reiterated his rejection of the accusation through Twitter: « I have not done anything. To my words I refer myself I hope and I want all of Spain to see that complaint from those who have made an affirmation. Sooner than later, this I will not allow« , the protagonist of the controversy has settled.