‘Daggers in the back’: Rian Johnson and Daniel Craig would charge a lump thanks to Netflix’s bet on the sequels

When we are still getting an idea that Netflix is ​​willing to pay 469 million dollars for the sequels of ‘Daggers in the back’The Hollywood Reporter, the American media that reported on the deal, has begun to release more details, including the salary that the director, producer and star of the next installments of what is already a lucrative mystery saga would take. At least that is how the aforementioned streaming platform is approaching it, that would have robbed Lionsgate of the option to continue launching intricate investigations spearheaded by Detective Benoit Blanc on the big screen.

And it is that at the beginning of last year the CEO of the studio that gave us the original film, Jon Feltheimer, affirmed that Lionsgate was going to continue with the sequels of the mystery proposal that was so successful. This after critics and audiences came together to applaud the whodunnit written and directed by Rian Johnson, a film that with a budget of around 40 million dollars managed to make a box office of more than 300 million worldwide. This, coupled with its Oscar nomination in the Best Original Screenplay category, has resulted in Netflix giving it their all to become the new home for the second and third installments.

And when we say everything, we are talking about a lot of money, but also about total creative freedom, meaning Johnson can do whatever he wants without having to listen to suggestions from the streaming platform, whose only request has been that Daniel Craig continue to be the protagonist, something that was already in Johnson’s plans; and that the budget for the next productions is around 40 million that the original cost.

And here comes the icing on the cake: Johnson, Craig and producer Ram Bergman, they would take a salary of more than 100 million dollars each for continuing to work on this franchise whose profitability for Netflix intrigues more than the Blanc cases.

Impossible to compete

Not only Lionsgate would have lost the opportunity to get a slice with the next Agatha Christie roll movies that will come out of the mind of the also director and screenwriter of the controversial ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’, also MRC, a production company that was in charge of financing ‘Daggers from behind ‘he would have tried to get on the car, without success. The sources of the aforementioned American website claim that MRC had a contract for a single film, and that the Johnson / Bergman duo “have always controlled the rights” to the series.

And here is the most important point: both filmmakers decided to keep the rights to their proposal, a film that when it was born did not have any studio behind it. In fact, Johnson, script under his arm, with Bergman, his regular collaborator, hand in hand and Craig’s yes to take over the main character, he was planted at the Toronto International Film Festival in search of distributors. On that occasion the script spoke by itself, as happened with the impressive cast of the first installment, and from there to mark this epic journey. You have to have talent.