Daft Punk confirms separation after 28 years

Daft Punk separates after 28 years of career | Courtesy

Daft Punk has confirmed its break, after a career of more than 28 years. The Parisian duo, considered one of the most influential electronic acts of all time, confirmed the news in an eight-minute video called “Epilogue”, Which presents images of his 2006 science fiction film « Electroma. »

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The video shows the duo, Thomas bangalter Y Guy-Manuel to Homem-Christo, walking through the desert with their recognizable helmets Y space age leather jackets.

Come to a dramatic conclusion when one of the members touches a button that results in their explosion, before the clip turns black.

Later a choral version of the group’s song is heard « Touch » from 2013, while a graphic shows the robotic hands of Homem-Christo Y Bangalter in their respective outfits, along with the dates « 1993-2021 ».

As Pitchfork reports, your publicist Kathryn frazier has officially confirmed their separation. The reason for calling it a day has yet to be confirmed.

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His debut album, “Homework” from 1997, spawned songs like “Around the World” and “Da Funk” and allowed the duo develop the sound of French house on the international stage.