On Instagram, Dadju “let it be known” that he was taking his whole family on vacation aboard a private jet. It remains to know the destination

Apparently Dadju prefers to go on vacation at the end of July rather than early or August. Indeed, the brother of Master Gims has just made known on Instagram that he was going to “rest” and enjoy his family for a few days.

A well-deserved rest for an artist who has enjoyed tremendous success for several years now. Especially since in terms of project, the father of two children doesn’t seem to want to stop. His fans probably know what we’re talking about.

Indeed, Dadju should be part of a pretty crazy project that will see the light of day soon. A project in which he would collaborate with Orelsan, Ninho, Alonzo. But the most important is without doubt with whom he is supposed to do a feat: Chris Brown!

Yes, you read that correctly, Maître Gims’ brother should soon “Partner” with Rihanna’s ex on a Skread production. It remains to be seen when all this will see the light of day and if we will have to wait very long to find out.

In the meantime, Dadju is resting when he leaves on family vacation.

Dadju takes his whole family on vacation aboard a private jet!

Dadju goes on family vacation

Because yes, even the singers have need rest and vacation. Something that has just done the father of the family as he has proven on his Instagram account.

But when Dadju goes on vacation, he doesn’t do things by halves. Indeed, as we let you know, the rapper decided to leave with the members of his family, by private jet!

A choice that does not seem to have really bothered his fans since they did not wish him that good for the trip. Indeed, many of them wished him a good stay under his Instagram post.

We join them and hope Dadju has a good holiday with members of his family. He comes back more motivated than ever to offer us new surprises.

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