Dacia will go electric when the market demands it. Do you know why?

Renault Megane Estate E-Tech Plug-in 2020

The electrification of the automotive sector it’s driving manufacturers crazy. A decade ago it seemed not to be in a hurry, but for some time now all firms want to be pioneers in some area. Dacia It is one of those that has the most to say, because if it offers demolition prices with thermal vehicles, with electric vehicles it should be the same. In addition, about three years ago he announced with great fanfare that in electrifying its range would take a few years.

The first example in the electrification of the new Dacia is the small Spring. It is true that it has disappointed us a bit, especially in terms of power and autonomy. However, it is not out of tune with what the brand has offered up to now, but it seems that will be a turning point. Above all, because after him new members will not arrive “on batteries” soon. The reasons given by the brand have all the foundation and are true to their essence …

Dacia will “endure” electrification so as not to increase the price of its cars …

Dacia Spring 2020

Dacia Spring 2020

Apparently, Xavier Martinet, Dacia’s head of sales and marketing, would have explained his reasons to Auto Express. The idea of ​​not launching, for now, more electric has to do more with “economic problems” than with technical. Is that today they have the necessary technology to launch one or more electrified models. In fact, the Jogger and Sandero could adopt the E-TECH hybrid powertrain that brings the Captur and Clio to life.

This would be possible because one and the other are based on the modern CMF-B platform of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. However, not all potential Dacia customers would be willing to pay the extra cost involved in this technology. Hence, those responsible for the Romanian firm have put the brakes on the desire to electrify all their models. Instead, they will promote the launch of versions of liquefied gas or LPG.

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According Martinet’s statements to Auto Express

“I don’t think our customers are really asking for a specific technology; maybe it is different from electric for a part of the population, but otherwise, if you look at the masses, people aren’t really asking for a specific technology. They want a car that meets their needs and allows them to go where they want at the right price. “

“Dacia’s approach is quite interesting, and with the regulations coming, Euro 7 and ADAS, the cost of vehicles will go up, but people’s wages won’t go up At the same rhythm”

Finally, he indicated that Dacia “It will be electrified when needed and become electric when needed”. The date for this to take place has not been announced, but it won’t take long to find out what your plans are. Patience…

Source – Auto Express

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