Dacia Spring: the cheapest electric on the market

In the shift towards electrification of the automobile fleet there are some important challenges to overcome, already known to users and future buyers. Autonomy is no longer a barrier as soon as 200 kilometers were exceeded, a distance that few drivers exceed in their day-to-day life. The problem arises when you want to take longer trips, since the fast charger infrastructure is still minimal. Charging time is currently the most notable stumbling block when deciding on zero-emission propulsion. Even more after the launch of the new Dacia Spring, the cheapest electric on the market. This utility vehicle with the air of an SUV It can be yours from 16,548 euros, a price that will force us to modify the list of the cheapest electric cars as of autumn.

Electric mobility is still expensive and not very accessible but, with these new features, the moment of loading is once again the detail to be improved. We can make the most common routes through Spain and even venture to travel through Europe but with a lot of foresight and faith in the correct maintenance of the facilities. Owning a car like the Dacia Spring will force us to charge it every three days, so we must install a charging point in our garage or have a point at work. If we have a plug 6.6 kW we will need 5 hours to complete the charge, a time that is reduced to 56 minutes on the 30 kW poles and rises to 13 hours in 2.3 kW domestic.

The Spring is a vehicle built for the city, even its size is adequate for the concrete jungle. This utility of 3.73 meter long by 1.51 m high and 1.58 m wide you will feel like a fish in water between traffic or complicated city corners, which you will overcome without messy thanks to the turning radius of 9.6 meters. Its 44 hp electric drive does not exceed 125 km / h and offers us 230 kilometers of autonomy (WLTP cycle), enough for the daily use of the car.