Dacia Spring offer analysis from 9,550 euros

Buying an electric car for 9,550 euros is possible in Spain today, and it’s called Dacia Spring. The Romanian manufacturer, owned by Renault, has already put this electric car on sale with 230 km of autonomy to launch an unprecedented offensive, adding launch discounts and available aid from the MOVES III plan. This way, if you are looking for a very cheap electric car, nothing better than the Dacia Spring on sale for 9,550 euros.

Dacia has already opened the Spring reservations in order to benefit from the applicable aid and discounts

Before we start, we can only recommend that you take a look at our in-depth analysis of the Dacia Spring on video, thus discovering the best and worst of this electric car in detail, a test with which you will be able to know if the Spring is the one electric you were looking for. With that said, let’s find out what are the keys to the Dacia Spring to become a cheap and interesting electric for the public.

The Spring recipe is simple, but at the same time interesting if we are looking for a car for main use in the city. Count with one 45 hp and 145 Nm electric motor, which is associated with lithium-ion batteries with 27.4 kWh. With this configuration the Spring is limited to one maximum speed of 125 Km / h, homologous 230 km of autonomy under the WLTP cycle and receive the zero emissions label. Recharging is done through a connector located on the front grill, just behind the Dacia logo, being able to use alternating current at powers of up to 6.6 kW, or direct current up to 30 kW.

Dacia Spring 2021 0421 Interior Dashboard Steering Wheel Screen 147

Dacia Spring offer price

The Dacia Spring on offer for 9,950 euros is a very attractive hook price, being a price that actually part of the 17,300 euros that the most basic Spring has as RRP, but who have been lowered 800 euros as a financing discount, in addition to adding 7,000 additional euros as aid from the MOVES III plan. This Spring would correspond to the most basic finish available “Comfort”, including in this finish 4 electric windows, LED daytime running light, air conditioning, emergency braking, speed limiter or hill start assistant.

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If we want to opt for the more equipped version “Comfort Plus”, the Dacia Spring is also on offer for 10,620 euros under the same discount policy. Thanks to this difference of 1,070 euros we add specific aesthetic details in orange, synthetic leather upholstery, spare wheel of the same size as the rest (14 “), multimedia system with 7” touch screen compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, rear view camera and rear parking sensors.