Dacia Duster: we tested the LPG version

Jose Manuel Gonzalez Torres

Buying a car was a sign of economic well-being, social position and success. Either because of the purchasing power of young people, because of their ease in finding other methods of travel or the lack of fondness for the car, this representation is in low hours. Hence, firms that bet for consistency, fair pricing and functionality live your best time. An example of this is Dacia, which since it appeared on the market a decade ago has not stopped reaping good commercial results. We recently told you about the latest update of the Dacia Sandero and Sandero Stepway, but it is the Duster the true SUV of the range. A model that we have been able to test in its GLP version with Prestige finish.

The unit I have driven is not the newest, which will arrive from September with a more avant-garde design but the same philosophy. The changes in the Duster 2021 are concentrated in the front, which incorporates a new lighting signature with LED-type indicators. It also seems to be more elongated due to the inclination of the rear window, but it maintains the same dimensions as the tested model. Namely, 4.34 meters long by 1.80 m wide and 1.69 m high, with a wheelbase of 2.67 meters.

Returning to the tested car, we will focus on highlight the advantages and disadvantages of LPG. This alternative to the thermal block has a lower price than gasoline, but there are not as many pumps as with traditional fuels. Fortunately, the Duster can run on oil and gas, so we don’t run the risk of being stranded like a 100% electric vehicle.

This technology pays for itself in the case of making most of the trips with gas, something that will not be complicated if we take into account the 19 kg tank capacity and an average consumption of 4.9 kg / 100 km. If you want to know more about the behavior of the Dacia Duster and its ECO engine, we will tell you more in the following gallery. The starting price for the tested model is 19 824 euros, to which we must add some optional equipment.

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