Dabiz Muñoz talks about the crisis of his restaurants due to the pandemic and his new business plans

A few months ago Dabiz Muñoz, one of the most renowned contemporary chefs in Spain, spoke about the closing your London restaurant, a blow caused by the closure due to the restrictions derived from the Covid-19 health crisis.

This restaurant in the capital of the United Kingdom was a drag for him in 2020, since they kept it for a few months paying a few 50,000 euros of rent a month.

“We had in debt too much and I risked losing what we had achieved in 14 years. Because DiverXO is an outside business, not inside. It is a very heavy ship, and the London project cost me a lot to carry it out, “said the chef in a recent interview in the Cinco Días section of El País.

Also in this interview he acknowledges that his most famous restaurant in Spain, DiverXO “it is not profitable from inside doors“Despite this, he continues to focus on another of his projects, GoXO, which serves food at home and has garnered good reviews in recent months.

The best diverXo is yet to come. My best version as a cook has yet to be seen. This year has helped me to improve in many things. In adversity, we grow. And we have assembled a 650 square meter creativity kitchen, which also serves as a training space, to make the mise en place that we need for the food truck that we have in El Corte Inglés. We have opened more doors, with another loan, “he commented in the aforementioned interview.

The owner of the same refers to that Muñoz has in mind “become independent from NH“And the fact is that DiverXO is located in the Eurobuilding, a Madrid hotel owned by NH Hotel Group, since 2014.

Quickly, the cook has uploaded a photo to his Instagram profile with a long text in which he qualifies his words. “I have present and future projects with @nhcollection that will soon be a reality. My relationship with them is wonderful and work with Hugo Rovira and his team it’s the fucking most, they bet on me 8 years ago and gave me the possibility to make a dream come true and that dream still lasts and they still have a few more years in its current location… “, has expressed in the caption of the photo.

It seems like this that, despite the crisis that plagues the hospitality sector and that has affected the chef, he is clear about the next steps that he must follow and assures that they have one “structured company, a realistic business plan, rather conservative, that can be fulfilled. We don’t shoot in the air. ”