DaBaby responds to fatal Walmart shooting on new single ‘Masterpiece’.

DaBaby responds to fatal Walmart shooting on new single 'Masterpiece'.

DaBaby has shared the music video for the new single ‘Masterpiece’, which appears to include lyrics detailing his alleged involvement in a 2018 shooting.

In November 2018, DaBaby was arrested in connection with a fatal altercation at a Walmart in North Carolina. A man was shot and killed during the fight, but DaBaby insisted he never pulled the trigger. He was later convicted of a misdemeanor for carrying a concealed weapon.

The rapper was sentenced to 30 days in jail with suspension and 12 months of unsupervised probation.

On the new single « Masterpiece », DaBaby alludes to the incident while remaining ambiguous about how events unfolded. « I don’t know what happened at that Walmart / I don’t know what happened on that highway / Okay, there goes DaBaby, he’s back now / Come back, hey bitch, turn that on replay, » he says on the track.

The charges against DaBaby – whose real name is Jonathan Lyndale Kirk – were later dropped in March 2019 after a key witness was « unavailable. »

The rapper has faced a number of controversies over the years, including an incident last week (January 7) when police allegedly found a loaded and hidden handgun in his possession.

The 29-year-old ‘Rockstar’ rapper had a 9mm inside his car, a Beverly Hills Police Department spokesperson confirmed to CBSLA.

Police told the station they were called to the area around 4:30 p.m., after receiving reports of a man on Rodeo Drive carrying a gun at his waist while walking with friends.

The incident occurred just days after the rapper faced criticism online for an upcoming song featuring Tory Lanez, who is currently facing charges in connection with the alleged shooting of Megan Thee Stallion last July.