Cynthia Scurtis, ex Alex Rodriguez, was not a fan of Jennifer Lopez

For the followers of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, it was quite a surprise when they learned that the couple had canceled their engagement and gone their separate ways. Although there was hope that they would chat and resume the courtship of more than three years, JLo chose to return to the arms of another of her exes, Ben Aflleck, putting an end to this love story. However, not everyone suffered from this separation, and Cynthia scurtis, A-Rod’s ex-wife seems to be one of them.

GQ Celebrates 2007 "Men Of The Year"© GettyImages Cynthia Scurtis is the mother of Alex Rodriguez’s daughters

According to reports from someone close to Scurtis, she is very happy with her ex’s current relationship situation. “Now that Jennifer is out of the picture, Cynthia is spending more time with the Alex girls, all together. I wasn’t Jennifer’s biggest fan, ”Us Weekly reported.

The couple, who went through a complicated divorce in 2008, decided to get along better for the well-being of their daughters Natasha, 16, and Ella, 13. A relationship that today is better than ever. “He invites her to accompany them to certain events or just to go out to eat. It makes girls happy to see their parents together and getting along, as a family, again.

Alex Rodriguez easily overcomes a breakup

As for how A-Rod took the breakup with JLo, he expressed that he doesn’t need support to get through this kind of thing. “He is a strong boy and there is much that happens in his life. He dates Cynthia because she and her husband, Angel Nicolas, they keep him company and are part of his close circle, one in which he trusts ”, he explained.

Alex Rodriguez reunites with ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis© Alex Rodriguez Alex Rodriguez and Cynthia Scurtis were seen together shortly after splitting with Jennifer Lopez

As A-Rod spends more time with the family, Jennifer Lopez continues to be happy in her relationship with Ben Affleck. After several weeks of rumors, a few days ago the couple confirmed with a tender kiss that between them the flame is still burning like 17 years ago, when they were about to go through the altar.

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