Cynthia Rodríguez shows off her charms in elegant lace dress | Instagram Special

The host of Venga la Alegría; Cynthia Rodríguez has left more than one open-mouthed, wearing an elegant and sensual white dress with transparencies through social networks. And as expected, users on social networks did not wait to comment on their best compliments.

The singer’s girlfriend Carlos Rivera It is not the first time that he has stolen several sighs from Internet users on social networks. However, this time, if it surprises when wearing a more romantic and elegant outfit than how we usually see it. Because the driver Cynthia Rodríguez, It is characterized by a more sensual style.

With a dress with a V neckline, transparencies and fitted to her small waist, Cynthia Rodríguez Look happy and grateful on social media. “Vitamin D, little eyes from the sun.” It was the words that I use to describe the photo. The elegant dress is belonging to a Mexican brand.

Cynthia Rodríguez shows off her charms in a transparent dress

As we well know, the host and actress has become very popular on social networks by having a very sensual style. The outfits that characterize Cynthia Rodríguez They are short dresses glued to the body, crop tops, sets that highlight their curves and transparencies.

On this occasion, the host of Venga la Alegría wears a charming lace dress in white and ivory, from a store run by Victoria Cantu, who is an image consultant and apparently is not the first time that the driver Cynthia he has used some of his clothes.

So far, the publication of the beautiful Cynthia Rodríguez He has accumulated a little more than 55 thousand likes in less than two hours. Which is not surprising, because the driver has great beauty and impact figure.

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