Cynthia Rodríguez goes crazy for Carlos Rivera and his charms

Cynthia Rodríguez goes crazy for Carlos Rivera and his charms | Instagram

Without a doubt, Carlos Rivera, has fallen in love with Spain, the “former academic“He shared a photograph in which he shows one of his most marked areas, which also Cynthia Rodriguez He ended up freaking out and couldn’t help this reaction.

A photo of Carlos Rivera shows the fruits of great physical work after he showed off shirtless on the beach, it was Cynthia Rodriguez who could not help reacting to seeing so much charm in a single photograph.

The interpreter of “Other lives” and “What is ours to stay with us”, among other topics, Carlos Rivera placeholder image, He stripped off his shirt and showed off his marked abdominal area while enjoying the beaches during his stay in that country.

I have stolen a bit of the sun so that your eyes do not miss it … he shared in a message that accompanied this publication and in which he received a lot of compliments, compliments, etc.


The famous, from the state of Huamantla, Tlaxcala, Carlos Augusto Rivera Guerra, has returned to Spanish soil to offer a denoted concert tour #WarTourHowever, in the midst of his busy work schedule, he took a few moments to relax.

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Among the places that have been visited by the interpreter of “How to pay you?” Are the idyllic Palma de Mallorca, in the Balearic Islands, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, a paradise from which Cynthia Rodríguez’s boyfriend shares the best photos.

The singer-songwriter increased the temperature on Instagram and the “riveristas” did not take long to react, among his first fans, Cynthia Rodríguez was among the first to comment, flattering her beau.

Oh my gosh! The also graduate of “La Academia” wrote, followed by some emojis of hearts, an airplane and a flame, which surely meant how much the host of “Venga la Alegría” longed to be able to move to the same place as her beloved.

The couple, made up of the singer-songwriter and the presenter, dancer, actress, etc., met within their participation in the reality show and maintain a relationship that became known since 2005, they are one of the most acclaimed couples in the show.

Bodyooooooo, ‘How much look paadreee’, ‘What a beautiful phrase !!!’, ‘Cálmateeeeeeeee Rivera !!!’ were some of them, ‘They will say that it is diet and training, but the reality is that Spain suits you’, ‘amonossss’, were some other comments towards the singer.

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The talented, who also collaborated as a judge in “La Voz Kids” with Lucero and Melendi as judges, and also with Laura Paussini in La Voz España, caused a total stir.

Augusto Rivera Guerra, 35, finally added a total of 875,734 “I like it”, among them also Consuelo Duval, with whom, in addition, many will remember, Rivera shared the stage in the program “Who is the Mask?

Apparently, the also theater actor of famous stagings such as the musicals of “El Rey León” and “Mamma Mía”, among others, has had the fortune to conquer the heart of more than one Spanish since he himself has revealed that his concerts in that country have been a total sellout.

In one of the publications, the “Mexican composer and actor” wrote, “Almería” gives us our 5th #SoldOut of this summer tour. So tonight will be filled with your love. We are ready for our #GuerraTour.

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An occasion in which Cynthia Rodríguez would not miss to flatter her partner to whom she wrote “Mu3r0 de amor”.

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