Cycling | “With the coronavirus, I felt like my bones were broken”

One of the cyclists who stood out the most in 2020 was undoubtedly Filippo Ganna. The Italian, 24 years old and in the ranks of Ineos, he set a season to frame and was confirmed as the best time trialist in the world: he was world champion of the modality at home (Imola) and also won three stages of this type in the Giro and another online … and in the mountains. It was his debut on a grand tour, and the Italian more than proved that he can achieve many more victories in the short term. After all these joys, Ganna is currently infected with coronavirus and reviews everything he is experiencing in an interview on Tuttobiciweb.

“For three days I had a fever of 39 °, the temperature did not drop despite taking the tachipyrine in the morning, after lunch and at night. I felt broken bones and all the classic flu symptoms, for a week I had no taste or smell, I have not yet recovered 100%. For the smells I did the tests with alcohol, for the flavors with mustard. Now I start to feel the sweetness of honey but when I drink the coffee I still don’t feel the taste it should have “, Ganna explains to this Italian medium. Now, expect a negative shortly in the next few days.

“I get up late and eat late, play video games and watch television series. When the wi-fi doesn’t work, I go out to the garden with the dog or start cooking, in the “hotel mamma” there is always something to learn, “he adds about his quarantine days.. “Being still an unknown virus in many aspects, we cannot be sure that it does not have possible sequels. As soon as I improve, of course, I will undergo all the necessary visits before going back to training. “