Cycling | Olympic Games: Mavi Garca: “I am in favor of the earpiece in the race”

Updated 07/28/2021 – 02:47

Mavi garca She is the best Spanish cyclist of the moment. The balearic complies with BRAND from Japan to analyze the previous of the time trial where to run as the only national runner.

How do you face this Wednesday’s chrono?

I do not want to disappoint anyone, but the truth is that I chronicle it this year has not been a test that I have prepared too much. I’ve been more focused on the route. The circuit is fine because it has toughness. I’m going to give it my all, I’m going to do the best I can, but I can’t throw false expectations because this has to be prepared very well and in this 2021 it was not one of the objectives. I did the Spanish Championship and I am going to represent my country here. But there are very few girls and there are only the best.

Who do you see as top favorites?

Van der Breggen, Marlen Reusser – a teammate of my team Al BTC Ljubljana who has prepared it thoroughly – and Dygert can opt for the podium, although I don’t know how he is on his recovery. You always have to put Van Vleuten in the fight for medals.

Speaking of Van Vleuten, how did he experience what happened to him on the road (he entered celebrating the victory when he was second because he did not know that anyone was ahead)?

In the end they are things that can happen. It was, apparently, a bit of a fault with his equipment. We were also confused because when we took the two breaks that went after the head of the race (Kiesenhofer), they did not give us more references. I knew there was someone else ahead because they had just gone to the car and we discussed it. I thought they knew it too, but hey. For her and her team it is a disappointment, but at least she has a money that is not bad at all.

He has once again dusted off the debate on the earpiece, where is he positioned?

In favor in general for many reasons. Not only for knowing the race situation, but for safety issues. Being able to talk with your colleagues are advantages and an advance that you have to continue forward. That is my opinion.

How are you living these Games? What is the environment like?

I am not in the Villa. Yes I was on Monday and it’s amazing. I think they should make a kind of sub-villas, because we are out and it seems that it is something else. We are in a hotel almost as if it were any other race and that is a bit sad.

To finish, we have three, how many medals do you think Spain will get in total?

I hope we get many surprises and that we have more like Valero’s, which I knew I could do but it was a bit of a surprise. You have to keep adding to get the maximum possible.

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