Cibernético is in a hospital in the State of Mexico for a gallbladder problem and will be operated on soon.

As reported by Box magazine and Lucha el Ciber is interned in a hospital in Teotihuacán, State of Mexico.

It is not about coronavirus, the evil that afflicts the fighter Mexican is gallbladder so he will be operated.

The same publication spread a photo on social networks where the ex-leader of the Hell Brothers is observed prostrate in a bed.

The fighter appears to be asleep or sedated.

He is currently independent and works in different companies like Kaoz Lucha Libre.


In fact, Cibernético had said in a podcast that he was going to operate gallbladder and will be out for a week.

So the operation It would not be serious since it is a disease that has afflicted him for a long time.

Cibernético is remembered for iconic fights like against La Parka, his compadre and with whom he had several rivalries.

In Lucha Libre Triple A he was Mega Champion, but he was also in companies like the Elite League, had appearances in WWE and CMLL and is currently in Kaoz.

A few months ago, La Parka passed away due to complications in his neck injury and his compadre published a video to ask for help for the relatives of the Boneless.

From the ranks of Planeta Wrestling we send all Good vibes for Cibernético to recover soon from the operation to be carried out.

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