Cybercriminals attack COVID-19 vaccine cold chain

This cold chain is a crucial part for the distribution of vaccines that try to combat the pandemic that, in Mexico alone, has already left more than 106,000 deaths, since it is the system that allows the doses to travel at temperatures below 20 degrees. centigrade. The Pfizer and Biontech vaccine, one of the advanced ones in tests so far, must be distributed at a temperature of minus 70 degrees Celsius in order to remain effective and if the cold chain is violated, both the temperature and other variables of the process can be altered .

IBM warns that it is not clear which group is behind the cyberattack yet; however, it is presumed that it was a state and organized attack.

Max Heinemeyer, director of threats at Darktrace, warned that this attack tests the digital and physical fragility of critical infrastructure, such as supply chains, a sector that has increased its position as a target of cyberattacks so far in 2020. In so far in 2020, cyberattacks in supply chains have impacted four out of 10 manufacturers around the world; the most common attack vectors have been phishing, ransomware and access to their systems with false identities, according to data from the consulting firm Deloitte.