Cyber ​​attack puts the Spanish Ministry of Labor in check

If a few months ago it was the SEPE that I was totally paralyzed (and with them its citizen services) due to a cyberattack, now it is the Ministry of Labor that is suffering the same fate. It has revealed the government entity itself, who confirmed through his Twitter account that he was being the victim of a cyberattack. For now, as is usual in these situations, the origin of the attack is unknown.

At the moment, and as it is not an organ of direct attention to the citizen, the cyber attack on the Ministry of Labor is not directly affecting key services related to the public employment system. However, from Voz Populi they confirm that several of the entities dependent on the Ministry are affected.

At this time, both the SEPE website and the telematic appointment and citizen service are operating normally, so it seems that the cyberattack is confined to the agencies themselves and other entities related to the Ministry of Labor.

New cyber attack on Spanish organizations

As confirmed by the Ministry of Labor, both its internal technicians and the National Cryptological Center, dependent on the National Intelligence Center, are working to determine the origin and causes of the attack. At the time of writing this article, the Ministry is still under attack, without the seriousness of the attack having been transcended:

This yes, this time it has been possible to isolate in time both the SEPE and the Social Guarantee Fund (FOGASA). These are two of the most important entities dependent on the Ministry of Labor that have not been, for the moment, affected.

At the moment there is no more information in this regard, and as this is a current event, this article will be updated as there is more information about the cyberattack on the Ministry of Labor.

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