05/22/2020 A man undergoes a coronavirus test in Florida, United States
Greg Lovett / Palm Beach Post via / DPA

The United States, Brazil and India remain as the three countries most affected by the virus


The coronavirus pandemic has already exceeded 17.6 million people infected, including about 680,000 fatalities, in 188 countries around the world, with the United States, Brazil and India being the most affected, according to the balance provided by Johns University Hopkins.

This August 1, the global balance of COVID-19 is 17,600,740 infected people, including 679,600 deceased, compared to 17.3 million positives and 673,000 deaths on Friday.

The United States remains the country most affected by the virus, with 4,562,171 cases and 153,314 deaths, followed by Brazil, with 2,662,485 infected and 92,475 deaths, and India, which has 1,695,988 infections and 36,511 deaths.

The ‘top ten’ is completed by Russia, which has registered 843,890 positives and 14,034 deaths; South Africa, with 493,183 and 8,005, respectively; Mexico (424,637 and 46,688); Peru (407,492 and 19,021); Chile (355,667 and 9,457); United Kingdom (304,800 and 46,204) and Iran (304,204 and 16,766).

In the range between 300,000 and 200,000 cases of coronavirus are Colombia (295,508), Spain (288,522), Pakistan (278,305), Saudi Arabia (275,905), Italy (247,537), Bangladesh (237,661), Turkey (230,873), France (225,197) and Germany (210,676).

Bordering 200,000 infections is Argentina, with 191,302, while Iraq (124,609), Canada (118,281), Qatar (110,695) and Indonesia (108,376) have already exceeded 100,000.

Egypt and Kazakhstan are already above 90,000, with 94,078 and 90,367, respectively, and China (87,655), the Philippines (85,486), Ecuador (85,355) and Sweden (80,422) have exceeded 80,000.

Behind are Oman (79,159), Bolivia (76,789), Ukraine (72,609) and Israel (70,970), as well as the Dominican Republic (69,649), Belgium (68,751), Belarus (67,808), Kuwait (66,957), Panama (65,256 ) and the United Arab Emirates (60,506).

The Netherlands (54,590), Singapore (52,205), Portugal (51,072) and Romania (50,886) are in the 50,000 range and Guatemala (49,789), Poland (45,688), Nigeria (43,151), Honduras (42,014) and Bahrain (40,982), in that of the 40,000.

Next are Armenia (38,841), Japan (36,805), Afghanistan (36,710), Kyrgyzstan (36,299), Ghana (35,501), Switzerland (35,232), Azerbaijan (31,878) and Algeria (30,394), as well as Ireland (26,065), Serbia (25,552), Moldova (24,733), Morocco (24,322), Uzbekistan (24,304), Austria (21,130) and Kenya (20,636).

Nepal, for its part, has registered 19,771 infected people, standing just ahead of Venezuela, with 18,574, Costa Rica (17,820), Ethiopia (17,530), Australia (17,282), Cameroon (17,255), El Salvador (16,632), Republic Czech (16,574), Ivory Coast (16,047), South Korea (14,336), Denmark (14,028), Bosnia and Herzegovina (11,876), Palestinian territories (11,837), Bulgaria (11,690), Sudan (11,644), Madagascar (10,868 ), North Macedonia (10,754) and Senegal (10,232).


Between 10,000 and 5,000 are Norway, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Malaysia, Kosovo, Finland, Haiti, Tajikistan, Gabon, Guinea, Luxembourg, Mauritania, Zambia, Paraguay, Albania, Croatia and Djibouti.

Equatorial Guinea, Central African Republic, Lebanon, Hungary, Greece and Malawi have more than 4,000 cases of coronavirus; Maldives, Nicaragua, Libya, Thailand, Somalia, Congo, Zimbabwe and Montenegro, more than 3,000; and Sri Lanka, eSwatini, Cuba, Mali, Cape Verde, South Sudan, Slovakia, Slovenia, Namibia, Lithuania, Estonia and Rwanda, more than a thousand.

Over a thousand are Guinea-Bissau, Iceland, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Benin, Yemen, Suriname, New Zealand, Tunisia, Uruguay, Latvia, Jordan, Liberia, Georgia, Uganda, Angola, Niger, Cyprus, and Burkina Faso.

They do not reach the thousand positives of COVID-19 Togo, Chad, Andorra, Jamaica, São Tomé and Príncipe, Malta, Botswana, Syria, San Marino, Lesotho, Bahamas, Vietnam, Tanzania, Gambia, Taiwan, Guyana, Burundi, Comoros, Burma, Mauritius, Mongolia, Eritrea, Cambodia, Trinidad and Tobago, Brunei, Monaco, Seychelles, Barbados, Bhutan, Antigua and Barbuda, Liechtenstein, Papua New Guinea, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, Fiji, Saint Lucia, Granada, Timor Oriental, Laos, Dominica and Saint Kitts and Nevis.