Cute, tender and flirtatious, Demi Rose shows off with her flowers

Cute, tender and flirtatious, Demi Rose shows off with her flowers | INSTAGRAM

One of the best news for the loyal fans of the british model, Demi Rose, is when she uploads a new post on her official profile of Instagram Well, there you only select the best images to share with us.

This time we will address the last photo placed on your profile of the social network of the photos where it was shown tender, cute and flirty while sitting in an armchair located in the courtyard of her house located in Ibiza, Spain.

At that time, she took the opportunity to show us a little the flowers that they gave her in addition to that flowered dress that she is wearing a white color that made her charms shine to the fullest before the photographic camera.

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Of course, it is a collaboration with the store that trusts her as its official ambassador. Pretty little thing, that company that has been trusting her and has commissioned her to bring her products to her followers so that they can also purchase them.

Of course, it works 100%, since many of the users who saw the publication were interested and will probably make a purchase from the brand, in addition to the fact that the users also took advantage to enjoy the piece of entertainment.

In just two hours, I met more than 91,000 likes, so we can appreciate the great attention she has and how quickly Internet users come to her profile to support her and make her grow even more, since she already has more than 16.8 million followers and each time increases more.

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At the beginning of her career Demi never imagined having so many people following her, in fact she went on the Internet simply because in high school she had no friends and she decided to search for them on the Internet making them come more and more and she realized that it was her place.

It was because of this that he took advantage and now has the best profession of all the one that he enjoys the most Fashion model and Of course, thanks to this he already has many friends.

In Show News we will continue to bring you the best photographs, publications, stories and all that attractive information that Demi Rose usually shares with us and that she wants you to enjoy as well as you can share it with your friends so that no one misses out on this beautiful content.

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