Customer Opens Fire on Tennessee Burger King Window Employees Tired of Waiting for Her Order

Archive image of a Burger King establishment.

Photo: Patrick Smith / Getty Images

Security footage shows a customer of a Burger King establishment in Tennessee opening fire on employees through a drive-thru window. upset that she had to wait too long for her order.

Photos released by authorities last Friday show the female when she deploys and points a black pistol into the establishment in Memphis, located at 5305 Winchester Road.

In the incident reported Tuesday, no one was injured, despite the woman shooting several times. Employees ran to a back door.

“Upon arriving at the scene, officers were advised that a customer was bothered by the waiting time to be served through the drive-thru window. The woman got out of the front seat of the gray four-door midsize sedan and went to the window. A verbal discussion began between the head of the establishment and employees. Security videos show the suspect retrieving a black pistol from the vehicle, extending the upper part of her body through the ‘drive-thru’ window, and firing several shots at Burger King employees, “reads a statement of the incident on the page mephis Police Department Facebook page.

The woman facing aggravated assault charges has not been detained by authorities.

The Memphis Police Department is offering a $ 1,000 reward for information leading to your arrest.

If you have information about this case, you can contact Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH.