“Custom Cloud”, Sarenet’s new proposal | News | Operators

Sarenet offers cloud solutions adapted to the specific needs of each organization. It is, in short, a cloud “made to measure” after detecting the needs of each company or business, outsourcing equipment and applications according to each specific case.

When Sarenet hosts the equipment, customers do not have to worry about the maintenance of their servers, since they have constant surveillance and security equipment. In addition, they have the possibility of hosting them in any of the 8 proximity data centers that the company has redundant in the national territory. The company also offers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), enabling a virtual server on a state-of-the-art double-array redundant data storage. In this way, through the client window you can manage systems, expand resources, restore servers to previous states, configure alerts or access technical support immediately.

Sarenet offers “tailor-made cloud”.

Through the Software as a Service (SaaS), customers can also forget about the administration of hardware and software, since they are guaranteed availability and security to be able to use applications in record time. Among them are the most popular from the IT and IoT worlds, such as Grafana, Kibana, Mosquitto, Drupal, Lamp, Moodle, WordPress, and now BigBlueButton as well.

Likewise, users can combine the accommodation of their equipment with the use of virtual machines on the Sarenet infrastructure, which develops customized corporate networks in its eight data centers to connect delegations and people on the move with servers and applications in the cloud, making the operator another extension of the corporate network. It also allows connection to public clouds such as Amazon, Google Cloud, Azure, Oracle and IBM Cloud without having to go through public Internet networks.

The company also makes available the solution of Managed Kubernetes, which allows running the company’s applications from any place and environment with maximum agility, reliability and security. Being Veeam Cloud Provider, completes its offering around the cloud with the Veeam ecosystem, so customers can easily and securely schedule their remote copies.

Its proposal is a flexible solution that adapts to the growth of the business and easily integrable, which performs Automatic Updates In a simple way. It also has managed security solutions to protect the corporate network and with a close and highly qualified technical support.