For more than 40 years, the German car brand has produced a German sausage that has been put to the taste of the public and is even sold in supermarkets

Talk about Volkswagen immediately forwards to think about carsSome sports cars, others of a family type or maybe even in electric vehicles or car manufacturing factories, however, we never imagined thinking about food.

You may be wondering what relationship there is between Volkswagen and food, well, we introduce you to Volkswagen Currywurst, the sausage of the brand that few know about but that has already been in existence for 47 years.

As you read it, Volkswagen produces at the Wolfsburg factory, next to the car production line, a sausage to feed workers Of the brand. Since the early 1970s, plant managers realized that it would be more financially effective to prepare food on their own and not buy ready-made, and what better than to make an essential food in German culinary culture, sausage. .

According to the Motorpasión portal, it was in 1973 that chefs and butchers hired by Volkswagen began producing sausages to offer in dining rooms throughout the plant. The Volkswagen Currywurst he uses pork that comes fresh to the plant every few days and that comes from some farms near the factory. This meat goes through a selection process and then it is ground to be mixed with a spice recipe that the brand labels as a “secret recipe” to give it that unique flavor of Volkswagen sausages.

Once the meat and spices are mixed, the sausages are smoked on beech wood for 100 minutes at a temperature of 176 degrees. About 30 people work in its production line. Over time, the preparation process has been improved to make the percentage of fat in the product only 20%, when on average a German sausage has 35% fat.

Those who have had the opportunity to try this dish assure that it has pepper and ginger, although the flavor that predominates is that of Curry. To accompany her, Volkswagen It produces its own dressing of ketchup with certain flavors of curry flavor. As if that were not enough since 2010 they also offer a vegan variant.

But not only in the factory in Germany you can taste this sausage, because it is also distributed to other plants in Europe, it is even sold in some supermarkets with the brand “Volkswagen Originalteil

Volkswagen clarifies that this product is not exported to the American continent or other markets due to some commercial conditions and also to ensure that what is consumed is always a fresh product.


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