The Golden State Warriors star base, Stephen CurryHe organized a quiz contest on Friday with other NBA players on his Instagram account and also revealed that he is quarantining the coronavirus pandemic as his daughter’s substitute teacher.

04/05/2020 at 08:32



With no basketball on the calendar, Curry registered with Damion Lee, his brother Seth Curry, Mo Bamba, Kent Bazemore and other league players to ask them questions about NBA history.

When the former Warriors player, JaVale McGee, joined the Instagram account of Curry Live, it revealed what his quarantined schedule looks like.


While he’s off the field of play, Curry spends her time as a substitute teacher for her daughter’s second grade class Riley.

“Quarantine is going very well. The day looks like this: I wake up, I train a little, then my daughter’s second grade class begins, and I’m like the substitute teacher for a little while,” he said.

After your daughter enters her class through a Zoom conference call, Curry supervise the tasks.

“I follow them at the Zoom conference. They have her whole class. Then when the class is over, I’m the one who has to sit down and hand out the paper and all the materials, so she has to sit there and do it,” he said.

While Curry, twice the Most Valuable Player (MVP) and six times All-Star on the field of play, is just a “three-star teacher” in the classroom, says his daughter.