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There are many things that we still do not know about what the PlayStation 5 can do. For this reason, the patents registered by Sony do not stop attracting attention. One recently emerged that points to a feature that might be present in the next-gen console.

Sony Interactive Entertainment recently filed a patent with the Japanese patent office which corresponds to an application that seeks to provide a method to generate a « playable and limitable version of a video game. » I mean, a kind of demo.

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The patent indicates that it is a solution that will allow players to record a section of their gameplay session. Afterwards, the system will analyze what happened to determine the area of ​​interest and from that generate a playable version based on defined borders.

At the moment it is unknown if this feature will be available on PlayStation 5. Also, it is not clear what its practical purpose would be. We will be pending and we will inform you if at any time its presence in the console and its function is confirmed.

And you, what do you think about this patent? What do you think it is used for? Tell us in the comments.

PlayStation 5 will arrive in late 2020 to different parts of the world. You can learn more about Sony’s next-generation console by clicking here.