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CURIA, a mobile application with a community of more than 150,000 cancer patients worldwide, launched a new chat platform specifically dedicated to them. Called «Curia Twins», the feature allows patients to contact those with the most similar oncological profile to one’s own. Once paired, the “twins” can share your experiences through a private chat.

Twins Curia matches patients, who have opted for it, based on the questionnaire filled out when registering in the application. It is possible to connect with a maximum of three people, based on parameters like the type and stage of cancer, genetic mutations, sex, among other factors. For the 19 million people who are diagnosed with cancer each year, find someone with whom they can relate to what they are living with it is usually difficult.

Shari sheranian lives with stage IV, triple positive breast cancer, and stresses the importance of sharing with someone who is going through a similar experience and not just with “other cancer patients”: «I have tried various support groups. Have I found one that seems perfect for me? None. In my experience, patients tend to flock even though their diagnosis is different: those who are at an early stage and hopefully curable, with those who have a metastatic and terminal prognosis. People are afraid to talk to those with a terminal prognosis.

Many online exchange platforms do not offer the possibility of conversing in private, and in the case of cancer, being such a personal experience, privacy is usually a very important factor. The Gemelos Curia chat is encrypted through blockchain technology, ensuring the highest level of security. Additionally, patients can decide whether to remain anonymous or share their contact details.

Chiara Thanner, Curia App Manager, commented: “Our mission is to offer patients a world of possibilities that is tailored to their individual journey in the fight against cancer. Curia and this new role are important tools through which to reflect that each cancer patient goes through an individual experience and that addressing this disease in general is no longer an option. “


Curia is a mobile application developed for cancer patients that offers information on possible therapies, clinical trials and experts compatible with your cancer profile. The application uses proprietary artificial intelligence, regulated by a human team of experts, used to analyze hundreds of terabytes of structured and unstructured, public and proprietary scientific data, in real time.

The data is constantly update in search of new therapeutic options or available trials. The information is adapted to parameters such as demographics, cancer type, stage or possible mutations, so that only the most relevant information is provided. Curia was founded in June 2020 by Innoplexus AG and is based in Eschborn, Germany. The application is currently available in Germany, Italy, France, India, Spain and Switzerland.

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