CureVac vaccine against COVID registers efficacy of only 48%

CureVac said his vaccine against COVID was 48% effective in the final analysis of its crucial mass trial, only marginally better than the 47% reported after an initial reading two weeks ago.

The German biotech firm said that efficacy, as measured by preventing symptomatic disease, was slightly better (53%) when excluding trial participants older than 60, an age group that is by far the most severely affected.

CureVac said on June 16 that its vaccine against COVID, known as CVnCoV, proved to be only 47% effective on an initial test reading and that the new variants had provided an adverse factor, undermining investor confidence in its ability to deal with rival injections.

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That erased billions of euros of its market value.

Late-stage trials of the BioNTech / Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, which like CureVac’s are based on mRNA technology, had efficacy rates well above 90% in all age groups, but were developed when the version dominated. original coronavirus.

However, data on its effects have so far suggested somewhat weaker protection against new variants.

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The CureVac study, which involved some 40,000 adult volunteers in Europe and Latin America, showed that the efficacy was 77% in the age group below 60 years when only moderate to severe symptoms are considered and mild cases are excluded.

CureVac assured that had sent the data to the European Agency of Medicines (EMA) as part of an ongoing dialogue with the European Union’s medicines regulator. The firm had said that the regulatory threshold was 50% effective in principle, but that several other considerations would come into play.

In this final analysis, CVnCoV demonstrates strong public health value in fully protecting study participants in the 18-60 age group against hospitalization and death and 77% against moderate and severe disease. ” said CEO Franz-Werner Haas.

An efficacy profile that we believe will be an important contribution to help manage the COVID-19 pandemic and the spreading dynamic variant, “he added.

CureVac had recorded 228 infections overall for the final analysis, after 134 cases for the interim analysis.

The EMA has said it would not impose a 50% efficiency threshold for vaccines and what they needed complete data of the trial to make a robust assessment of the benefits and risks of an injection.


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