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After months without news about Cuphead, Studio MDHR surprised gamers yesterday with the release of indie on PlayStation 4. Thanks to this, the popular title is now available on all current-generation platforms.

As you well know, Cuphead came true in part thanks to the support Microsoft gave to brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer. Both creatives recognize the support that the company gave them, so they prepare something special for Xbox One users.

Studio MDHR revealed that it will release a special update that will come free of charge to the Microsoft console. The update will include some additions that will undoubtedly be well received by players.

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What news will Cuphead receive on Xbox One?

Through a special post, Chad and Jared Moldenhauer stated that they started the project alone and that they only spent weekends and a few nights working on Cuphead. The creatives described the game as their « little passion project. »

The brothers took the opportunity to thank Microsoft, the company that offered support at all times. « Thanks to the support of dedicated Microsoft people we were able to achieve our vision of the game, and thanks to the passion of the Xbox community, Cuphead found an audience, » said the creatives.

As a token of appreciation, Studio MDHR is preparing a free update for Xbox One users. According to details, the update will include a digital art gallery and a feature to hear feedback on the game’s creation.

To make matters worse, an option to listen to the soundtrack of the game will be added. The study stated that this update is in its early planning stages and that they will take the time to launch it successfully.

That said, for now there is no release date. Studio MDHR promised to talk more about the content of the update as soon as they have something to share.

On the other hand, we remind you that a DLC with new adventures for Cuphead and Mugman is also in development. Studio MDHR stated that they still work on Delicious Last Course, so they will later reveal their release date.

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Cuphead is now available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. Find all the news related to indie at this link.