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It seems that surprise ads are increasingly rare in the industry because although companies adequately protect their information, the need to start publishing processes in stores or online platforms ends up revealing things ahead of time. Perhaps this could be the Cuphead situation that would be on the way to PlayStation 4.

Although the Cuphead and StudioMDHR adventure started on Xbox One, the success was such that it became difficult to keep it exclusive, so the passage of time saw its launch on Switch and PC. That said, it has been thought that at some point the game could make the move to PS4 but so far nothing has been revealed, however, a few moments ago the hype went to the clouds because the title because the run-and-gun With his charming style of art he appeared in the PlayStation Store.

In case you missed it: check out the trailer for the Cuphead series on Netflix

A few minutes ago, Twitter personality Wario64 revealed that Cuphead appeared surprisingly in some PlayStation Store stores but trying to enter the game tab does not start the loading process. Obviously, the news has sparked expectations. from Sony’s console users, who could finally see this title on their consoles.

So far, there is no official information about it, but since it was a leak that appeared on a platform as important as the PS Store, it is almost certain that we will soon know if Cuphead will conquer another console.

Remember that in this link you will find all the information related to Cuphead, a title available on Xbox One, Switch and PC.

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