Famous for its hand-drawn art, “Cuphead”, it is a title that won the hearts of many users for its charming animations and its devilish difficulty. Now, “gamers” have happily received the news that this run-and-shoot platform game is now available for PlayStation 4.

In its beginnings this, which is considered one of the best independent video games, could only be found for Xbox. However, it can be downloaded right now through the PlayStation 4 store for a price of $ 19.99. It was the firm behind the development of this game, Studio MDHR, that announced the arrival of the game on the Sony console with a stop-motion video featuring “Cuphead” and the evil King Dice. Two of Cuphead’s most iconic characters can be seen in the game’s new trailer in a whole new style of animation inspired by the 1933 experimental short “The Peanut Vendor,” said Studio MDHR co-director Chad Moldenhauer. , in a PlayStation blog post.

According to Studio MDHR, the creators of the game worked with the Toronto-based studio Stop Motion Department to make the trailer, and “went the extra mile to make sure they were being applied to many of the same techniques as the stop motion animators of the time, “said Moldenhauer.

Thus, as the director explains, the film was animated without the help of computer programs that allow modern stop motion animators to preview their shots and correct errors. Instead in this case they were limited to charts to record the position of each puppet, before aligning them to their next position. Ultimately, they claim, the whole thing was filmed with real 1930s lenses known as “C Mount” lenses that exploit the footage and give it a deliberately vintage look. In the video each shot was used as is, with no editing or corrective composition, which means that if you pay close attention and look close enough, you will see supports and other animation implements in the background.

“Cuphead” gained popularity among gamers for its style, as its hand-drawn art makes it look like a classic cartoon from the 1930s, only this time, not only will you see the adventures of the characters, but you can control them .

This title was first released in 2017 on Xbox and PC and hit the Nintendo Switch last year. On all platforms, it has achieved good economic results and excellent reviews. For its development “Cuphead”, which was designed and programmed by an independent team, it had direct support from Microsoft, a company that offered their help after learning that they had to mortgage their house in order to create the title.

Beyond the game mode, one of the secrets of its success is its animation, precisely because of this is that Netflix is ​​working on the animated series of these characters and has already shown a preview of what will be the cartoons. It’s also worth noting a free “special update” is slated for Xbox, but no details have been given as to when this could happen although speculation will consist of behind-the-scenes commentary, a new soundtrack, and a digital art gallery.

Studio MDHR also said that it is currently working on the upcoming “Cuphead” expansion titled “The Delicious Last Course”, the expansion is set to see “Cuphead” and Mugman meet Ms. Chalice, a new character coming to adventure . More news is expected to be revealed in the coming months.

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