I have been checking some of the papers available at the Virtual Book Fair. The first thing I must say is that they are taking the realization and its content very seriously. In addition, that there is a very valid desire to use the resources that digital modernity offers us. This means that each presentation is, apart from interesting for its content, very entertaining for its continent.

It assures them that if they enter the digital platforms that they offer us, they will enjoy.
I just saw the Dominican Cinematheque exhibition. I am supposed to be a somewhat more than average connoisseur of audiovisual conservation worldwide and the importance of a film archive for Culture. However, what they offered me today was simply extraordinary. I learned a century and enjoyed more. Of course they did the realization in the visual tone that I already mentioned.

Bertorlt Bretcht said that… “Form is the most complete expression of content”. Today I have seen a great example of this.

Fiora Cruz, director of the Dominican Cinematheque, demonstrated a great knowledge about the significance, importance and technique of the preservation of the audiovisual archive and its patrimonial condition. Likewise, the cultural significance of doing so.

José Enrique Rodríguez (documentary heritage manager) also intervened, with great successes and contributions, in the exhibition of our Cinematheque, another of the great achievements of the General Directorate of Cinema.

Both, Fiora and José Enrique, are two young people who make one feel even proud to have assets of their magnitude in the country. They also recorded, clearly and precisely, the work they are currently doing at the Cinematheque.

As an addition to all this, they interacted with the same General Director of the Book Fair, Ruth Herrera. What was added by a professional dialogue writer and who ensured the relevance of what was discussed.

They announced at the end that the material they offered us will be available, for those who missed it, on YouTube and other digital platforms. Look for pages or channels of the Ministry of Culture to see it. I swear to you that you will not regret it.

In the same trend, I also saw the intervention of art critic Laura Gil about great masters of Dominican plastic art. Sparkly! Full knowledge of the subject. Exposed equally in a very pleasant way.
Culture survives any pandemic and is an antidote to any virus.
Now if … Curtain!

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