« Forma Antiqva » continues from Asturias, under the baton of Aaron Zapico, his crusade to rescue jewels of the Spanish musical heritage. His new album is « Baset symphonies, Madrid 1753 ». The ensemble of the brothers Pablo (baroque guitar), Daniel (theorbo) and Aarón Zapico (conducting) shows the richness and exuberance of the Spanish orchestral music of the 18th century from Vicente Baset, composer and violinist of the orchestra of the Coliseo del Buen Retiro in Madrid. And it is a world first recording.

Aarón Zapico gives us the background: « Vicente Baset was a boy from Alboraya, Valencia, who one day decided to leave the comfort of home to head for Madrid and earn a living with his violin. He became a renowned violinist and was part one of the most important saraos in the capital. From the first moment I was surprised by the audacity of his writing. It seemed a bit to me ‘here I am and you will like what I do’. This determination won me over from the first moment « . Spain, he affirms, still has many musical complexes to overcome « but not only the public or the programmers. We ourselves, the Spanish musicians, must trust more and better in our possibilities. The panorama that surrounds us confirms this: we have orchestras , soloists, teachers and composers of an exceptional level. Let’s go for it. And let’s begin to change the concept in which we encase our culture: that it stops being an event to become an entire industry that creates jobs, is exportable and give prestige to the Spain Brand « .