Giovanni Quintero Angarita barely studied high school, but his orientation was focused on art.

After he finished graphic design, he worked as a creative for the newspaper and although some looked at him strangely for his way of dressing: painted hair and armhole sleeves, he was still inspired. And together with Édgar Cusgüen they devised the successful page ‘Looking for Piringo’.

Little by little he was strengthening his talent and five years later he decided to go to Bogotá to study 3D Animation at the Naska Digital.

He returned to Cúcuta and the TRO Channel hired him and in Bucaramanga he spent seven years working. He resigned and traveled to Argentina and specialized in visual effects and film editing at the Lima Campus. He alternately did some film workshops, which was his passion since he was 14 years old.

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Already specialized, he returned to Bucaramanga to put into practice what he had learned, and he decided to make the jump to Bogotá five years ago, looking for opportunities, without knowing anyone. “The experience was hard and difficult, but in the end it was achieved.”

He met an actor and they got together to create. And he began his career as a filmmaker, as a director.

“The medium is closed, of egos”, but managed to get involved in productions, filming. Today the actors believe in their talent and proposals and projects began to flow.
However, the quarantine slowed its momentum. Two projects walking, a series and another movie on the way. “He had to record outdoors and because of the simulation and the declaration of the pandemic, he had to stop.” And alone, in his room, looking at the ceiling, it occurred to him to call the actor Álvaro Benet and he ordered him to record a scene as if he were being chased . “You’re crazy,” he replied, but recorded it. Piringo made a short film and mounted it on Instagram and the reaction was immediate. “How did you do that? That works. Let’s start creating the script, script, characters. ” And it got bigger. A group of 15 people was organized in a virtual way and it was recorded as if it were a normal movie with art director, producer, assistant director, original music, co-producer, screenwriters. “We met virtually.”

And this is how the Pandemonium story emerged that unfolds in 2025 after the population survived a global pandemic that emerged five years ago, wreaking havoc on earth. History tells us how humanity did not generate any change of consciousness after what was experienced in 2020 and how this brought to the world a new virus of unknown origin whose consequences were much more lethal.