Cubans arrive in Washington DC to protest against the Castro regime and demand freedom on the island

Cuba is not the same after July 11 last. After 2 weeks of the popular uprising that took place on the island, its people continue without losing fear and although to a lesser extent, they continue to defend their rights in the streets.

Miami World – Telemundo 51

That is why the support from Miami comes in dozens of exiles who left for the US capital, in front of the White House to demand from the current administration more direct actions on the island’s government.

Yoan David González, a member of the caravan to Washington, admits: “we want support for a humanitarian intervention in our country. The Castro Communist regime is letting our people die, the number of deaths from coronavirus and all the repression that has been seen in recent days is no secret to anyone. ”

To replicate their voices around the White House in Washington DC, a caravan of Cubans, residents of South Florida, departed at midnight this Sunday, who will massively protest on July 26.

For the influencer, Alexander Otaola, this is an opportunity to “demand real support, that the Democratic administration of President Biden and US politics do what it has really promised in pursuit of the freedom of the Cuban people.”

By road or by air, this great concentration has been joined by Cubans from different cities of the country, to also demand other nations. “We must enter Cuba, international organizations and the government and demand the end of that dictatorship,” Otaola said.

A regime that in the last two weeks has arrested and sentenced dozens of young people, witnesses and protagonists of the social outbreak of July 11.

Alberto Betancourt, brother of a detainee in Cuba, recalls: “after almost 6 days in detention, they tell us that he was in Cien y Aldabo (a Cuban prison). Until when, my sister is not a delinquent ”, it is questioned.

In the last hours, two of those young people, Gabriela Zequeira, 17, sentenced to 8 months in prison, and Anyelo Troya, one of the makers of the video clip Patria y Vida sentenced to a year of pressure, were released.

It is unknown under what measures this release took place, but dozens of protesters are still detained and others remain under house arrest.

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