Cuban-Republican officer takes over as Miami Police chief

April 5, 2021


The Republican and Cuban, Art Acevedo, will be sworn in on Monday, April 5, as the new Miami Police Chief, after five years under the same position in Houston, the fourth largest department in the United States.

“What I loved about Texas for 14 years is that they appreciate direct conversation, and what I love about this community is that we are equal,” he said during a speech he gave on March 15.

Acevedo of Cuban origin, in 16968 arrived in the United States as a refugee when he was only four years old. He considers himself a Republican “in name only” (RINO), supports the Violence Against Women Act and the opening to the decriminalization of some drugs.

Acevedo gained nationwide attention when, while serving as the chief of police in Houston, he knelt with protesters during a George Floyd protest in Houston last summer.

He also protected the community during Hurricane Harvey and worked around the clock during the recent Texas winter storm. “What people need to understand is that our communities see us as leaders, not only because of what we say and do, but also because of what we stop saying and doing,” Acevedo declared at the time.