Cuban rafters arrive on the shores of Miami after a week’s journey – Telemundo Miami (51)

Four Cuban rafters arrive alive on the coasts of South Florida after several days at sea and aboard a makeshift boat.

“I feel fulfilled but with the truth at the end of the world, that has no solution,” says one of the people who left Santa Fe, in Havana on April 10.

They say that they arrived “by sailing and rowing, not by motor.” About 70 miles from the island, they were caught by a strong storm, they lost their way in the middle of the waves of almost 30 feet. this is full of sharks, ”he recalls.

After 6 days without heading, they saw buildings in the distance and kept paddling until they reached Key Biscayne.

“When we got off we went headlong because we had no strength, wet and sitting down” they spent whole nights and days with little food in a small homemade boat.

“We let go of the raft… we left for aufera, we saw someone ask for Miami and we walked 3 hours and we arrived”, he says that this was his first experience on land.

They came to a Palacio de los Jugos restaurant where a lady bought them their first hot meal in almost a week.

“I honestly did not leave the country for treason, I left because of the situation, I have nothing against the country and I will always continue to love it,” says one of the rafters, while his wife points out: “I am not distressed even though the pain killed me ”.

They are the first Cuban rafters known to arrive after the resignation of Raul Castro as first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba.

In the absence of a “dry feet, wet feet” policy, they face the harsh reality of living in the shadows.