Cuban doctors sent to Italy and received with applause | .

A large group of medical Y Cuban paramedics were sent to Italy, place where it has the highest number of deaths due to the Covid-19 virus and its lack of medical equipment to combat it.

They sent a brigade of 52 doctors and paramedics who have experience with the fight of Ebola in Africa.

This is the first time Cuba helps a developed country like Italy, although in countries like Latin America and the third world it is common for them.

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Yesterday they traveled to Italy to help the country’s hospitals, which is registered with the highest number of deaths, the city where they went was Lombardy, being the most affected.

It is ready to work tirelessly in the care and confrontation of the epidemic of COVID-19, together with health professionals, “said chief Carlos Ricardo Pérez.

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In the group that was sent it also has newbies, for example Roberto Arias who is 27 years old and this is his first mission.

Fear is inherent in the human being, everyone is afraid of something in life, but bravery is about that, of facing things that one is afraid of, “he told the . agency.

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This brigade was sent thanks to the order of the Lombardy Health Counselor, Giulio Gallera, recognizing that their healthcare system was about to collapse.

Approximately 30,000 professionals Cuba’s health provide their service in 61 countries from Africa, Central America and Asia, according to official data.

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Until this minute, no health collaborator is reported as suffering from coronavirus in our medical brigades abroad, “said the director of the Central Unit for Medical Collaboration of the Minsap, Dr. Jorge Juan Delgado Bustillo.