Cuba registers 859 COVID-19 infections in one day and accumulates 42,547 confirmed cases

Cuba registered in 24 hours 859 infections of the disease of the new
Coronavirus (COVID-19), with which it accumulated 42,547 confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic in the Caribbean country in March of last year, as well as five more deaths in one day to add 287 deaths, the Ministry of Public Health reported today ( Minsap).

The national director of Hygiene and Epidemiology of the Minsap, Francisco Durán, detailed when offering on television the daily report on the evolution of the pandemic on the island that this Friday 4,998 active cases are reported, « a figure slightly lower than yesterday, but still very high. « 

According to the daily report of the Cuban authorities, 954 people received medical discharge the last day, which accumulated 37,206 patients recovered from the disease so far, 87.4 percent, while 64 people remain in therapy rooms intensive, including 37 serious and 27 critical.

Of the cases reported on the last day, 828 corresponded to natives in the 15 provinces and the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud, concentrating the largest numbers in Havana with 449 on the day, followed by the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba with 129 and the western Mayabeque with 60 infections in one day.

Durán explained that Havana is the epicenter of the pandemic with eight of its 15 municipalities among the highest incidence in the country.

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