Cuba registered 13 cases of COVID-19 this Saturday, a figure that maintains the drop in daily coronavirus infections in the country, where 1,754 positives have already been added and no new deaths are reported, according to the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap) .

The number of infected people of the day represents a decrease in relation to the previous days of this week, in which the number of infected people ranged from 17 to 26, and exceeds only one of the 12 reported this Friday, the lowest record since the end of March.

The previous week, the daily infections were around fifty – the highest record was reached last Saturday with 74 new patients -, which indicates that there has been a decrease in the incidence of the virus, whose peak on the island has already occurred at end of April, according to Cuban specialists.

This Saturday is also the seventh consecutive day in which the number of medical discharges is much higher than that of confirmed cases, with 62 new patients recovered, for a total of 1,140.

Her son is demanding from Miami that they take him off the island.

Of the 13 new patients this Saturday, nine had no symptoms at the time of the test, something that “continues to worry” the Cuban health authorities, who will carry out a massive study in areas of the country considered at risk. Of the total of 1,754 confirmed in the country, 844 (48%) are asymptomatic patients.

Cuba maintains preventive measures such as the suspension of public transport, the closure of borders except in exceptional cases, and the closure of schools and major shopping centers.

The use of the mask is mandatory in public spaces and, although there is no forced confinement, citizens have been asked not to leave home except for essential activities such as going to the market or doing paperwork.

Despite government requests and high fines for civilians, the massive lines in front of the shops continue and the circulation of cars and pedestrians on the main avenues is still high.

The isolation conditions have also been extreme in specific points of the country where major sources of contagion have been detected, including several areas of Havana.