Havana.- Cuba announced another fifteen positives to COVID-19 on Saturday, for a total of 1,931 confirmed cases on the island, which did not report new deaths from the virus and continues to record higher than infections, according to the daily part of the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap ).

The number of infected today is the highest this week, in which the records ranged between 6 and 13 cases, although it maintains the downward trend after the April peak, when the positives came to hover around and exceeded fifty up to date.

Today’s daily discharge count surpassed that of new cases, with 40 new patients recovered, indicated the director of Epidemiology of the Minsap, Francisco Durán, in his usual televised appearance.

Altogether the discharges add up to 1,671, which means that 86.5% of those infected have already overcome the disease.

For the first time in 48 hours, the Cuban health authorities do not report deaths from COVID-19, which at the moment has left 81 dead in the Caribbean country.


The fifteen new patients are all contacts from previous cases and were detected among 1,718 PCR tests completed the previous day, which brings the cumulative number of these tests carried out on the island to 92,629, complemented by rapid tests, mostly from China, of which 111,029 kits have been used to date, according to official data released yesterday.

Of these, 13 are residents of Havana (the region with the highest number of cases) and the remaining two are from the nearby province of Matanzas and Ciego de Ávila (center).

Nine of today’s positives were asymptomatic when tested. In Cuba, more than half (967) of the confirmed coronavirus cases showed no symptoms at the time of the test.

The number of asymptomatic people worries the Cuban authorities, who insist on the need to maintain self-confinement and social distance on the street.

631 people remain isolated in hospitals on the island, 177 of them active cases of the virus and the rest because they are suspected of carrying the disease.

One patient remains in critical condition and three others serious, while 173 evolve without complications.

In addition, 1,699 remain under clinical-epidemiological surveillance in primary care.


Cuba remains in the pre-epidemic phase with limited indigenous transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, therefore preventive measures are applied such as the suspension of public transport, the closure of borders except in exceptional cases, and the closure of schools and major centers. commercial.

The use of the mask is mandatory in public spaces and, although there is no forced confinement, citizens have been asked not to leave home except for essential activities such as going to the market or doing paperwork.

A man pushes a wheelbarrow with the purchases of the day while wearing a mask as a measure of protection against the coronavirus, yesterday Friday, in Havana. / Photography: EFE.

Although some provinces of the country (especially in the eastern region) have completed two weeks without registering new infections and several transmission events have been controlled, Dr. Durán insisted that it is preferable to maintain restrictions throughout the territory to avoid a resurgence of the virus .

The director of Epidemiology of the Minsap reported that they have decided to postpone as a precaution the vaccination campaigns against polio and respiratory diseases usually scheduled for these months “until the” restrictive measures are reduced. “We have the vaccines, but we decided to wait,” he said.

On the other hand, Dr. Durán stressed that the scheme of 11 vaccines that protects Cuban children against 14 diseases “remains the same.”

“We know that the issue of the nasobuco (mask) in a child is complex, but we ask parents to put it on just the same, try to put up with it until they get home and that at no time do they stop vaccinating their children,” he stressed. the specialist.

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