CSD Arzua beats Pontellas by the minimum (1-0)

04/04/2021 at 11:28 PM CEST

The Arzua beat the Pontellas 1-0 during the match that began its journey in the Second Phase of Third Division this Sunday. After the scoreboard, the Arzuan team is first with 32 points and that of the Pontellas twelfth with nine points at the end of the duel.

During the first half there were no goals by any of the players of each team, so the result remained 0-0 during the first 45 minutes.

In the second half came the goal for him CSD Arzua, which premiered its light with a goal from Ivan garcia at 73 minutes, concluding the match with a final score of 1-0.

It was a game with several movements on the benches. The Pontellas gave entrance to Edu, Boente, Michael Garcia and Yago Gonzalez by Alonso, Santi, Somoza and Richi and by the Arzua it was replaced Miguez, Ivan garcia and Adrián Eiró by Knoll, Tight and Potato.

The referee showed seven yellow cards. Locals saw five of them (Potato, Pedro Delgado, Iker, Minibugy and Manu Casal) and those of the visiting team saw two cards, specifically Richi and Pablo.

With this result, the Arzua he gets 32 points and the Pontellas with nine points.

During the next round, the second of the Second Phase of Third Division, the CSD Arzua will dispute his match against UD Atios at home. For his part, Pontellas will play in his fief his match against him Paiosaco-Irons.

Data sheetCSD Arzua:Minibugy, Vazquez, Queiruga, Brais P., Pedro Delgado, Iker, Vivito, Prieto (Iván García, min.59), Patata (Adrián Eiró, min.79), Manu Casal and Otero (Miguez, min.55)Pontellas:Aarón Puentes, Pablo, Chisco, Telmo, Alonso (Edu, min.61), Nando, Richi (Yago González, min.76), Somoza (Michael Garcia, min.69), Gullón, Iago and Santi (Boente, min. 69)Stadium:Goals:Iván García (1-0, min. 73)