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One of the Crytek studio’s most recognized installments is Crysis, a futuristic FPS title. This delivery marked an era in the last generation of consoles and it was announced a few weeks ago that it would reach new audiences thanks to a remastering of the original delivery. The bad news is that the project was delayed on all platforms, but today it was announced that one platform will arrive on the planned date.

Through its Twitter account, the developer Crytek revealed a few hours ago that the delay of Crysis Remastered will not affect the Nintendo Switch version, since it still has a release date scheduled for July 23.

In case you missed it: The original Crysis trilogy is out now on EA Access for Xbox One.

Crysis Remastered coming to Nintendo Switch first

After the revelation of the first trailer for the remastering, fans did not react in the best way, believing that the graphic appearance of the game left something to be desired. Given this response, Crytek announced that it would delay Crysis Remastered with the intention of delivering the game with the quality they expect from the franchise. In the statement it was reported that preorders for Nintendo Switch would remain open, as they had already started, but it was not mentioned that this version would not be delayed.

That said, it is unknown why Crytek made this decision, but it is believed that it is because it will not be necessary to make changes to the Nintendo Switch version, unlike the editions of PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, which gave more than what speak for the power of the console and the appearance that many criticized. Thus, the remastering will come first to Nintendo Switch, which will mark the debut of the franchise on a Nintendo console; It is not yet known when the game will arrive on the other platforms.

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We remind you that this new installment, despite the wishes of the fans, will not include the remastering of the Warhead expansion; however, fans don’t lose hope of seeing even the entire remastered trilogy.

Crysis Remastered will arrive on Nintendo Switch on July 23, while the versions of PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC do not yet have a release date, after a delay of « a few weeks » was announced. If you want to know more about this franchise, we invite you to check this page.

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