Cryptocurrency : Wasabi bitcoin wallet servers suffered DDoS attack

On June 6, the Wasabi Wallet bitcoin wallet came under a cyber attack known as distributed denial of service (DDoS).

The bitcoin wallet has likely suffered a privacy leak, according to an official statement, although thankfully it was only a matter of a day for the servers to get back to work in a normal way.

The attack was reported as follows in a tweet: “Wasabi servers are currently under DDoS attack and all services are offline. We are fixing the problem right now. For emergency access to your funds, restore your seed to Electrum. However, it seems that A wallet should only be restored in Electrum if Electrum is used with its own serverOtherwise, the privacy of the addresses could be violated.

Possible privacy leak

Since Wasabi is a purse that focuses on security and anonymity, in the tweet that they immediately shared, a link with information on the subject is offered. The report talks about the leakage of users’ addresses to random third-party servers “losing anonymity against those entities,” the text clarifies. The release also provides instructions for restoring the wallets.

DDoS attacks are intended to disrupt the normal operation of a server, by bombarding fraudulent requests from multiple computers at the same time. This means that Wasabi servers were overloaded from malicious requests causing an interruption of your services to legitimate traffic.

Some vulnerabilities with respect to privacy have been previously detected in Wasabi, as previously published in CriptoNoticias, which related to the use of the CoinJoin mixing service.

On the other hand, attacks are not uncommon in the cyber or crypto world. This has already been noticed by some government authorities. Other attacks that involve different execution, are beginning to be strongly qualified by the authorities. An example is ransomware, which, as was also reported in this medium, will have a similar priority to terrorism in the United States.

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