Cryptocurrency : The NFTs come to the world of Jazz with a concert in virtual reality

In a concert held at NFT Oasis, a virtual reality platform, a group of jazz players offered a live concert where the album Maide Voyage was put on sale along with an animated short, which will be offered through the OpenSea platform. as an NFT.

The pianist Greg Spero, the violist Miguel Arwood-Fergurson, and the entertainer Olivia Olivia Hern, were in charge of giving life to the event, in which the album launch was celebrated, according to the WBGO portal. The concert had an audience of around 200 people on the platform.

The event was held through NFT Oasis, an immersive virtual reality platform, which allowed him to to pianist Greg Spero, to become one of the first musicians to perform his pieces on the platform. This through an 8-bit piano and a live projection from his studio.

Part of Greg Spero’s presentation at NFT Oasis. Source: NFT Oasis.

This type of event, a bit motivated by the pandemic context, has been gaining momentum, causing even a massive event such as Tomorrowland to have moved its stages to the internet, to continue offering its shows.

NTF Oasis, a world for concerts in virtual reality.

In NFT Oasis, users can create their own avatars which interact in an immersive virtual reality world. The platform was developed by AltSpaceVR company which was founded by Microsoft developers. This company developed the VR system used by the Burning Man event, which brought together more than 15 thousand people.

The objective of this platform is to allow the realization of live events, along with the possibility of offering sale of NFT collectibles of the artists. Its main purpose is to offer museums or galleries online, through a virtual reality experience with the possibility of offering NFT products for direct sale from the platform.

Likewise, like Jazz, the world of K-POP also arrived, in mid-May, at NFT Oasis, with a concert by the artist HAYEON interpreting the artificial intelligence avatar Aimy Moon.

Event poster. Participants could buy their NFT collectibles from the portal. Source: NFT Oasis.

It should be noted that NFT Oasis is similar to Descentraland. In the latter, users can create their own avatars and travel an open world in which different events are held, such as a soccer world cup, a fact reported by CriptoNoticias. What is unique about Descentraland is that each piece of land on the platform is considered an NFT. Users can purchase and customize their own space.

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