Cryptocurrency : The Copa América and the Euro will also have their fantasy football competitions with NFT

Key facts:

Sorare users will be able to participate in the fantasy Global Nations tournament.

Global Nations covers the America’s Cup, the Euro and the World Cup qualifiers.

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Not sure what to do with your Sorare collectibles, now that club seasons are over in much of the world? The fantasy football platform with NFT collectibles created a new competition based on national team championships: the America’s Cup and the Euro Cup.

To cover the international team tournament season, Sorare created Global Nations, a fantasy championship focused precisely on the America’s Cup and the Euro, which are about to start in the next few days.

In Global Nations, Sorare participants will only be able to enter their trading cards that correspond to the footballers who are part of the national team of their country In one of the aforementioned tournaments, Sorare exposed through a post on his blog.

To make international tournaments as accessible as possible, we are launching Global Nations, our exclusive tournament for all international matches covered by Sorare.


Sorare’s NFT trading cards are divided according to their level of rarity or exclusivity. For these international tournaments, the users of the platform will be able to register their cards with the only limitation of being able to include only a «common» card, the lowest category of exclusivity available.

The Global Nations tournament is a single division and covers both international competitions, in addition to the qualifying rounds for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Fantasy football, among the largest volumes in the NFT world

The world of NFTs, which are collectible tokens based on blockchains like Ethereum (such is the case of Sorare), has maintained a strong boom in recent months. Currently, this industry moves millions of dollars in commerce daily, with sports among the protagonists.

Sorare is the fifth platform with the highest volume in the last 30 days. Along with NBA Top Shot, there are two sports-focused NFT markets in the top 5 with the most money movement in a month, according to data from DappRadar. If we add Topps MLB, they are 3 in the top 15 of an industry also focused on video games, art and other collectibles.

In Sorare, each user receives a package of common cards when they first open their account on the platform. With those cards, they can start to experience the game system and earn their first rewards.

To participate in the NFT trading market, the user can buy using funds in ETH, Ethereum’s native cryptocurrency. If you want to sell, your collectibles must be more exclusive, because common cards are not suitable for the exchange market.

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