Cryptocurrency : South Korean thieves interested in cryptocurrencies raid the GPUs of ‘Love Hotel’ PCs






Source: Adobe / Ivan

Criminals have devised a diabolical plan to help them build their token wallets: stealing PC graphics cards from South Korea’s “love hotels”, motels that cater to couples who crave physical intimacy.

Love hotels can be found throughout South Korea and across the sea in Japan, and provide short-term accommodation to young couples, mostly single, although older couples often conduct their affairs outside of wedlock. in the same institutions.

These motels are big on anonymity – many only accept cash payments and offer discreet parking facilities and other privacy-enhancing features. Some allow couples to access their rooms directly from their parking lots, which means they don’t run the risk of meeting acquaintances in the elevators or stairs.

Some of the more exclusive motels offer facilities such as high-specification televisions and desktop gaming PCs. And it seems that some criminals have tried to take advantage, looting high-value graphics units from computers in love hotels.

According to Busan Ilbo and Asia Kyungjae, thieves stole $ 3,500 worth of GPUs from a motel in the Michuhol district of southern Incheon on June 12.

The thieves are still at large, police said, but identified them as “teenagers or twenty-somethings.”

The men, inspectors said, had rented a room after noticing, via a smartphone app, that the facility had been designed for game lovers and equipped with high-end desktop computers. The thieves proceeded to remove the GPUs from the devices before requesting a room change. The motel owner agreed, unaware of what had just happened. The two men then continued their spree, dismantling the devices in this room as well, before running off into the night with their loot.

Police officers claimed that the thieves were taking advantage of the still high GPU prices to sell the cards to miners, or perhaps use them to mine crypto themselves.

Inspectors added that they were still studying CCTV footage of nearby businesses to establish the men’s identities.

The teens who carried out a similar robbery at a love hotel in the same district earlier this month were later detained by police.

In February, Incheon police successfully tracked down another group of crypto-enthusiast assailants, two men in their 20s, after they destroyed love hotel PCs to steal GPUs and memory cards, accusing the thieves of Stole.

Police have warned love hotel operators to “watch out” for the threat of further GPU theft.
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